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Advertising Screen, Mobil screens, Social media Adv, SEO.

Keep your presence in your customert’s mind

In a time full of ads, it is a necessity for brands to enhance their presence on all advertising platforms, outdoors screens enable you to display attractive content with your customers are an essential means of marketing communications and promotional campaigns

  • Mobile advertising screen
  • Corniche Park complex screen
  • Villagio complex screen

Outdoor Advertisement

mobile advertising screenCorniche Park complex screenVillagio complex screen
  • Average daily viewership: 124,000
  • Repeat advertising +500 times/day
  • Screen Size 2 * 4 meters
  • Average Daily Views: 200,000
  • Repeat advertising +500 times/day
  • Screen Size 10 * 5 meters
  • Average daily viewership: 105,000
  • Repeat advertising +500 times/day
  • Screen Size 3.9 * 5.5 meters
Price: 7,475.5 SARPrice: 7,475.5 SARPrice: 5,520 SAR

Outdoor Advertisement

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